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We mainly have this website to publish the silly things that our children say and do - but maybe we'll have some interesting thoughts along the way.


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Top Ten things I wish I had known before starting a business

A friend requested I write this article. These are in no particular order.

1) Cash is King, Queen, Jester, and everything else. 

The most impressive balance sheet won't save you from an empty bank account. Organic growth requires a significant amount of cash; which leads to point #2.

2) Growing a business is harder than you think


Mentor Series: Skip Stocks

I did an interview recently with someone who asked me about the importance of mentors. My answer was very quick to say that mentors have been incredibly important in my life, at home or in business, and that I am truly greatful for some of the wonderful people I have had the benefit of mentoring me.

I then realized - you know, I'm not sure if many of these great people even realized they were being mentors or that they had so positively impacted my life. I made myself promise to rectify that situation. This post is the start of that process.


Why being a start up or entrepreneur doesn't suck

I have been reading quite a few articles recently that talk about how difficult it is to be an entrepeneur/start up/small business owner. Recently I challenged Sarah Prevette on the fact that being an entrepeneur "sucks".

I will certainly never disagree that being a business owner is hard. And stressful. And some days thankless. It's not for everyone (and there are some days I wonder if it is even the right fit for me!)


Wrap up notes from Gearing Up for Growth 2011

I had a wonderful day at the Techalliance Gearing up for Growth conference; it is the second year they've put on this conference in London, Ontario and once again Techalliance did a great job lining up some dynamic keynote speakers.


Summary of the Mayor's Economic Council

A few people have requested a summary from the Mayor's economic council meeting this morning. It's worth noting that a full report is coming out in May.

However, it was nice to hear today from the various different pillars of the community and what the collective agreement is on how to move London forward as a culturally diverse economic powerhouse (my words).


I believe in Santa Clause

Earlier this month, I saw a tweet on Twitter that made me cranky. It was something to the effect of "Now that you're an adult and you know Santa's not real, come and party." Some people think that deceiving your children about Santa is wrong. Some think Santa is a silly children's myth.

I responded to the tweet that the individual was wrong, but haven't elaborated further. Santa IS real. And here's the proof.


Hello Teenage Years -

My oldest daughter turns 13 in about 3 hours. 


However, I'm not terribly worried about this particular teenager. I was originally going to post about how great she is but then I remembered my wife already did a great article on her blog a few weeks ago.

You can read that post, and then come back. I'll wait.


Charlie Dancing

Charlie decided to bust a groove at LaserQuest. Fortunately I had my camera handy.

Why your child is right to cry at bedtime

Children crying at bedtime can be one of the more frustrating aspects of parenting, at least for me. A child who refuses to got to bed while mommy and daddy themselves are over tired is a recipe for an evening of grumpiness.

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