With turn off the screens week coming up next week I decided I would post about TV.

I do not watch TV.  It may be because I grew up in the boonies without television signals or service, or some unknown missing link in my genetic code.   Until 3 months ago, David and I have always had cable.  In January, a blog I stumbled across ( got me thinking about whether or not our family even watched enough TV to warrant shelling out $70 in cable fees each month.  I brought it up with David and he gave me his equivalent of "whatever you say, dear" (it goes something like: "yeah, sure, if that is what you want to do").  Two weeks later the cable guy came in one afternoon and disconnected some wires and unhooked the something-or-other.   I couldn't seem to find the digital box remote but he seemed really eager to get out of our house - clearly shifting uncomfortably in the gazes of feral-looking children.  Two of them crying.

"No, dont' worry about it," he said "I've got extra's in the van, really, it's okay if you keep the remote".  Off he went.

Charlie now has his own remote to chew on.  And it's not that Charlie chews on his own remote, but that he has his own remote to chew on.  For some reason the remotes in our home for TV or video games systems must not only be held at all times, but chewed on.

But enough about our lack of cable, what about you?  How many shows do you watch every week?  How often do you turn the TV on when you are bored and just watch whatever you can find?  Or is your TV just always on?  How many hours a week do you watch TV?  If you have children, how many hours a week do they watch Television?  How much is too much?