Childhood Dreams


I recently watched - well, listened to at work (it's over an hour long) the seminar/lecture Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. In many ways, the reason that this website exists in its current format is a direct result of watching this lecture.

I won't spoil too many details incase anyone reading this decides to watch/listen. However, as the title indicates the lecture focuses on achieving your childhood dreams - and part of the discussion revolves around Randy thinking back to what his childhood dreams were and how he has gone on to realize those dreams. I think a normal result of watching the seminar is to reflect on your own personal childhood dreams and hold them up to see how well you've done.

I think in many ways its easier to do this as time goes on as it is hard to put yourself back in time and try to recall what your dreams and aspirations were at a young age and so many of the great things you once wanted to do get lost in the sands of time (or in my case the myriad of caves in which my memories seem to hide). Recognizing this, I spent a few days reflecting - sometimes consciously, more frequently subconsciously, about my childhood dreams.

The first are the easy ones from the early days of youth where anything is possible - be a Jedi - or work as a Fireman/Policeman on weekdays and a Doctor on weekends. As you get a sense of how the world works, you can start to see how you may find your place in it - and its from that vantage point that I look back on my own childhood dreams.

My intent is to explore each one a little bit more in writing, as many of them I have acheived or are on my way to acheiving - and that is very gratifying. There are others that have progressed without me paying attention to them - natural fits to my personality/desires that just happen on their own. And then last, but certainly not least, are the dreams that will not happen without thought, planning and attention.

The most obvious one in the latter case is my childhood dream to become a writer - I have always wanted to write and to share my ideas with other people - not necessarily professionally or for money - but hey that wouldn't hurt! One of the things I recalled learning very early on was that if you wanted to become a writer one of the most important things you can do is - WRITE!

And now I have a place to do that - whether anyone reads these postings - or not - the effort is worth it as it moves me further along my childhood dreams.

Without further rambling, here are based on my best recollections my childhood dreams. I will in the future explore each one of these in a separate blog posting. They are not necessarily in any order, but generally from the ideas of younger age to older, more mature dreams:

  1. Become a Jedi
  2. Be a Fireman & Policeman on Weekdays; Doctor on Weekends
  3. Conquer the world!
  4. Be a dad
  5. Become richer than Bill Gates by the age of 20 (I had  have a bit of an ego)
  6. Retire by the age of 25 (then 30, then 35, now 40)
  7. Become a writer - preferably in the science fiction/fantasy genre

So I guess this will be an 8 part series - with this being part 1. Feel free to share your childhood dreams in the comments.