I believe in Santa Clause


Earlier this month, I saw a tweet on Twitter that made me cranky. It was something to the effect of "Now that you're an adult and you know Santa's not real, come and party." Some people think that deceiving your children about Santa is wrong. Some think Santa is a silly children's myth.

I responded to the tweet that the individual was wrong, but haven't elaborated further. Santa IS real. And here's the proof.

First, you have to take a bit of a trip back in time. I found out the "truth" when I was 5 years old. Considering I have an 11 year old and two 8 year olds that are still excited about Santa, I have to say that's too early to find out. However, my mother explained to me that Santa Clause did exist and that his spirit lives on through other people's good will.

You see, in this my mother is brilliant and she was 100% spot on. 

Second, you have to have a bit of a history lesson. The Wikipedia article on Santa is fascinating. Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek Bishop who was famous for giving gifts to the poor. Interestingly enough, some of our Yule time traditions can be perhaps traced back to Odin, a pagan god who would place gifts or candy in children's shoes left by the fireplace. In other words, the practice of giving and exchanging gifts has been going on along time around this time of year, in some cases pre-dating Christianity reaching Germanic cultures.

Interestingly enough, Christmas was banned by the Protestants in England in the 16th century. And yet Saint Nicholas is a patron Saint - although according to the article it was the influence of paganism traditions and a Roman Catholic saint so that the tradition was seen as Roman Catholic and/or pagan. Because of the similarities between Santa Claus and Odin, some have commented that Santa is actually a pagan concept.

And here's where it all goes a bit crazy for me - the concept of gift giving around this time of year is not unique to any particular culture, religion or region. 

So back to Santa being real. 

I've seen mathematical calculation showing that it's physically impossible for Santa to make his rounds given the distance he has to travel and amount of time he has to do it. And yet he does. And the simple answer to how he does it is - Magic.

I'm not talking about the type of magic that exists to stop time, speed up the harvest, or teleport anyone. I'm talking about the kind of magic that John Lennon had. The kind of magic that Martin Luther King had. The kind of magic that exists in some people to inspire others. The kind of magic that makes other people afraid. The ability to inspire us to help our fellow humanity. The ability to inspire us to give.

The magic of Santa Claus is to inspire us to give gifts to our love ones, to feast with them, to spend time with them, to slow down. Santa's magic is inspiring millions of parents - MILLIONS - world wide to stay up late and fill their stockings, put presents under the tree, and eat cookies.

So - if Santa is not real - than how do millions of children wake up Christmas morning to toys, smiles and laughter? He is real. He has magic. I'm not sure what to call his magic, but I suspect that it is love.


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