Why #Movember for me.


As day 15 has come and gone, we're past the halfway point of Movember.

And some of us are probably wondering what we got ourselves into :) I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on why I got involved.

There is an element of team-work and fun, and let's admit it - playing with our facial hair style is one of those rare things us men get to do - usually reserved for vacation time. To have a full month to grow something a little different without being judged is a bit of a perk.

However, the real reason I decided to get involved is a simple stat. 1 in 6. One in 6 men will be affected by prostate cancer in their life time. The stat for Breast Cancer in women is 1 in 8. Fortunately the death rate for both diseases is lower, 1 in 35; both of these stats depend early detection for successful treatment.

I think men in general are less prone to discuss these types of issues - potentially due to the ways in which doctors check the health of the prostate (all men and most women reading this probably just winced). Women have done a fantastic job raising awareness, funds and research for breast cancer and have raised the profile of the importance of early detection.

As men, we are raised that the only time you go to the hospital is when you've lost enough blood to fall unconscious which will allow another person in the room to call 911. Most of us would rather take a bullet then to walk into the doctor and say "Hey Doc, I'm about due for a prostate check right?"

So that brings me to why I am participating. I started thinking about 1 in 6 in of the males in my life. For my family that includes my parents, wife and children, that means statistically one of us will be impacted. For my co-workers, statistically 2 of us will be impacted. For my extended family of Billsons, that means at least 3, maybe 4. Maybe more.

We have to do better for our children, our fathers, and ourselves.

That is why I am doing Movember. You can check out my progress below. And if I've inspired you to donate, my page is here: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/799294/


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