A Good Start


If this is the new home to my blog, I once again need to face the task of starting.  Where to start?

I find too many blogs rant and rave about negative things.  Of course, this isn't a problem isolated to blogs - the news and other media make their money by selling negative.  Our culture is bombarded with negative messages.  We persuade eachother using the downside.  We tell stories to others about the bad things that happen more often than the good.  And so my challenge, here, will be to blog about the good things as much as I can AND keep it interesting.

Like everyone else, there are people in my life who I could rant about... I could stew about how my visiting inlaws will bombard my livingroom with knee deep piles of their bags and how they cover every horizontal surface in my home with their belongings, dishes, and essentially every thing they touch in a haphazard manner for the duration of their visit.  Periodically they will bring a garbage can full of twigs to put in our basement.  It's kindling, I'm told.  They are nice people.  I like them.  I'm sure they will read this at some point.

My children can be a fabulous source of frustration.  They're cute.  They're smart.  They are fun.  They are cool.  They are downright hilarious.  The 3 year old is currently telling me I am not a parent and can't tell her what to do.. because I've asked her for the 18th time to get her pyjamas on.  It works with her siblings, why not me?  They have quirks that could drive me to drink.

My husband is a wonderful guy.  Fantastic even.  There are qualities to him that I rarely even tell other women out of fear they will divorce their own husbands and cry in a corner.  Or maybe it's just that I don't want him to get flack from their husbands.  Else he may stop being so awesome.  Whatever the reason, however, without a doubt, he would drive most anyone else completely mad.  And I'm sure he's the only one who can tolerate me 365 days a year :)

I may or may not succeed in creating a positive blog... I *can* promise to at least give you a glimpse at the lighter sides of living in a house with 7 children.  I mean 6.