So the environmental message isn't working.


I figured for a kid in Me to We club that the whole environmental impact of forgetting her lunch bag would work. But apparently it didn't, because only 2 days later she forgot her re-usable lunch bag again. 

Now, let me explain briefly that her forgetting her lunch bag is a huge pain in the butt, as we only have enough re-usable containers to send each kid with their lunch and snacks - if there's a set missing, I have to hunt for odds and ends of tupperwear to put food in, and that kind of ticks me off.

Largely thanks to a suggestion by my friend Jason I decided to perhaps escalate to a more aggressive set of messaging than "hey kid, you're destroying the environment."


I figured I can also now keep a running score - so far she has forgotten it 4 times already this year!

Her response when she saw the lunch bag this morning was "aw man, does it have to be kittens?"

So maybe it is working. 

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