End of Year 33


As I come to the dying minutes of my 33rd on this planet, I must confess I spent my free thinking time today wondering about how the year actually went.

The good news to report is that I think - in general - my time was well spent and enjoyable. There are a few things that could have gone better, I suppose, but who doesn't really?


In family life, the children are happy, healthy and moving forward in a general positive way. Grades are improving. They are healthy which is something you can't take for granted, and indeed something that I cherise. One of my greatest fears is that something terrible could happen to one of my little darlings, I appreciate them all so much in my life I can't imagine what I would do if they got sick. 

My only complaint would be, again, little things like - every morning they are supposed to get boots on, hat on, coats on, and go outside. And yet, every morning, they have to be reminded 15x to do so. It drives me crazy and not insignificantly. I'm fairly certain I will die of a heart attack at the top of my stairs saying "OMG How many TIMES do I have to SAY get your BOOTS ON" *GAKKKK* *THE END*

Kate and I joined karate and I think that was brilliant; the sport itself is nice, but the physical work out is very positive for overall mental health. I really enjoy going to the classes with Kate, even when she beats me in sparring. 

Our relationship (at least I believe) is going very well, that is to say she puts up with my idiosyncrasies. Our mutual love and respect for one another has continued to grow and that's something to be very thankful for - having a great, understanding soul mate on this crazy journey makes all the positive difference in the world.


2009 will never be considered a great year for business for our company. However, from the perspective of the past year (April 2009 through April 2010) it was actually pretty decent. The worst of 2009 passed in February/March anyway :)

I learned a lot about team work and the value of having peers. We had our best Christmas Party ever where I felt our "family" (the employees and their significant others) got together with each other and shared "quality time" together.

We've had a chance to re-envision our company and are headed towards great things, perhaps faster than we even know. 

I think I've grown into a deeper understanding of myself, my role in the company, my role in the community and what I want to do with life - not to say I have figured it out, but I have a better understanding.

Looking Forward

As I start my 34th year, I do not see a whole lot changing - I am going to focus on trying to be more engaged with the family. I am partially going to accomplish this by being better at delegating at the office. I am going to work harder on my community commitments and be a better volunteer, committee member, board member, etc. 

I am going to continue to work towards excellence (which, by the way is a relative term to where I began in this sense!) in karate. One of the other people in class the other day summed it up very eloquently for me when he told us that his wife said "In 3 years you're going to be 3 years older. You may as well be 3 years older with a Black Belt."

I think that's an attitude I am going to take forward into other aspects of life. This is especially important to me given how fast I feel my life is going by at the moment - the time consumption from running a small business, having a large family, and an intensive hobby like karate is significant which makes life go by in a rush.

The concept I took away from above is that you can't slow down time (or speed up the harvest, or teleport me off this rock) but you can make the most of your time as it passes. And that's just what I will try to do!