How to make Hallowe'en Chips Yummy


One of my biggest pet peeves with the chips they hand out at Hallowe'en is the fact that they are regular chips. Why can't they do all dressed or salt and vinegar? No one seems to have a good answer for that.

I'm a big salt and vinegar fan - real S&V, fake S&V, on fries, chips, popcorn, you name it, I'll put S&V on it.

So, I was thinking tonight, man, I really don't want to eat regular chips. Then I thought, I really wish these were S&V chips. Then I thought, well, I could add vinegar to them, I suppose.

I admit it's not the first time I've put vinegar on regular chips. However, the snack sized bags of chips makes the process brilliant. You open the bag. You pour vinegar in (lots and lots). You close the bag. You shake the bag. Presto! Salt and VINEGAR chips.

And here's the best part, once you eat the chips, you can drink the vinegar out of the bottom of the bag. Mmmmmmmmm...

So my regular chip hating fans, you're welcome.