Can a simple video change your perspective?


Before you answer the question - watch the video on this website: Charity Water.

This video is about a great cause, they’ve been successful and they captured my imagination in their approach to solving a significant number of people's challenge to access clean water.

But that’s not what struck me the most about the video - What left me thinking is that Scott Harrison is the same age that I am.

In the video, he expressly outlines what he accomplished by his 32nd birthday (his 33rd is coming up in September). He has helped 700,000 people in the world in a life changing way. 700,000! And he's probably well on his way to over a million this month.

While I certainly think I have accomplished a lot and can take pride in my accomplishments the weight of the good Scott has done is completely overwhelming.

In the business world, success is often measured by the health of your balance sheet.  Perhaps instead of measuring our success in terms of how much profit a company has generated, we should look to the company and the owners of that company to see what good they did with the profits.

I had a theory once that a measure of a person's life could be made by looking at the quantity of people who are better off because you've existed. If that is the case, then Scott's measurement is off the scale. He has set the bar very, very high.

My perspective on life has changed from watching this video - and seeing what this fellow 32 year old has accomplished in his short life - and I am left wondering how, in my life, I can better serve our community, country, and planet.

So - can a simple video change your perspective?

Happy Kids with Water