Last night, Anna had the following conversation with me..

(happy voice) "Mommy, you have a lot of love.  (sad voice) I don't have very much love.  I only have one love" (holds one finger up)

(me) "Oh.  What is your one love?"

(cheery then glumy) "It's for pink and purple and blue.  But I used to have 5 loves (whole hand) in my tummy and now they are gone.  Thomas took them all away and now I just have one for pink and purple"


I am not really sure what all she is getting at, but it was cute!  The Thomas bit is part of her 3 year old self trying to get Thomas in trouble.  Thomas has been known to take other people's things without permission (entirely too often)... so she decided he was a good scapegoat for this mysterious missing love.

In other news, it is the 20th of July.  Where is the summer going?