The Grocery Scam


Tonight I was taking a quick tour through the grocery store, and I was reminded of a pet peeve that seems to be more and more prevelant.

Grocery items that charge MORE for bulk.

This makes me mad.  I see it everywhere.  Buy 500 grams for 2.39 but by 1 Kg for 5.89.  Spend 6.99 on 900grams or spend 12.79 to get 1.5KG!  How many people do they fool with that?  LOTS I am sure.  What kills me is when they don't even do a good job of hiding the extra mark-up.  I've seen 500g of jam regular priced at 2.99 and then the 1kg regular price at 6.49.  If you can't do the math that buying two of the 500g is going to cost you 5.98 instead of 6.49... you have other problems, I suppose.

Has the "Buy in Bulk and Save" mantra pervaded our culture so much that consumers automatically assume buying the biggest package is cheaper per gram or unit without checking?  It seems this is true and grocery stores are capitalizing on it. 

Sometimes a smaller size will have a special on and I think it's understandable for that to be cheaper than buying the larger size.  I am not complaining about when 1L of chocolate milk is 99cents ON SALE but the 2L is still 2.99.  I see it everwhere that regular priced food or household items are more costly per gram / per millilitre / per unit to buy in bulk.

/end rant.