At least buy me a drink first!


A new neighbour moved in down the row from our house. During the unpacking, I went to go welcome the family to the neighbourhood. I met the father/grandfather of the house - a nice older fellow, probably 65-70.

He proceeded to tell me in a 15 minute conversation:

  • He has diabetes
  • He has only 30% vision
  • 2 of his left toes have had to be removed
  • They just moved in with his daughter and grand-daughter - they had to move to a 4 bedroom for the extra space to accomodate them
  • They did so because his daugther's husband took off, 1 week before Christmas
  • They're taking this husband to court because he doesn't think he should pay child support
  • His daughter is 6 months pregnant with her second child
  • He has a dog

What's interesting is that both Jeff & Lindsay Sage and Adam Caplan had excellent articles posted recently about the increasing transparency of our digital lives. After this lengthy discussion about the details and his life, I came to a conclusion that perhaps the increased prevelance of social media has not increased people sharing more intimate details of their life.

What social media has done is take information that individuals are readily comfortable sharing - with their friends, family and neighbours - and extended that out to unintended participants.

One thing remains true - whether it's in digital media or in person - at least offer to buy a drink for the person before sharing the intimate details of the surgical implications of any diseases/conditions/psychosesis that you may have.