Things I learned about Camping


Here are some things I learned about camping:

  1. Racoons like baby formula
  2. Racoons generally have wet feet
  3. Racoons can smell baby formula if you accidentally leave it in a tent
  4. Racoons can open a tent
  5. Wet baby formula sticks to bedding
  6. Raccons, when confronted about being in your tent, generally run around your tent hopping on as much things as possible rather than calmly leaving via the nearest exit
  7. Wet baby formula is very hard to get off bedding
  8. Learning the above lessons at 12:30 am in the morning is not a pleasant thing
  9. Racoons are not afraid to try to enter your tent when you are in it
  10. Racoons can untie the knots on the string that you used to try to keep them out of the tent while you sleep
  11. Racoons are afraid of light - shining a flashlight makes them go away
  12. Racoons will come back within 15 seconds of you turning off the flashlight

And now, pictures:

There was actually someone sitting in this chair - they had no problem coming that close.

Anna and her friend Taylor

Beware, there be babies in the forest.

Anna seyz - do you have a license for this thing???

Going for a bike ride!

Yes, I was there, proudly advertising for Harrison Pensa in the woods.