Eat Pork! Mmm... pork chops.


Rebroadcast of an email sent to me from someone in the pork industry:

It may be a merely symbolic measure, but please join me in eating some good pork chops this weekend. Like most of you, I have family, friends, neighbors and clients that rely on the livestock industry for their livelihood. The latest news on the flu outbreak, and the unfortunate use of term "Swine Flu" seriously threatens one of  North Americas strongest economic engines and job providers.

There is no relationship between eating pork and contracting the flu. As this article further reports, there have been no confirmed reports of pigs contracting the virus. If you have visited a hog operation recently, you will be impressed with their bio-security measures. They certainly do not want this strain infecting their hog herds and have a strong system in place to minimize this risk.

Today officials are also reporting that this strain probably did not even originate on a farm.

Join the Obama Administration and others in correcting the name of this outbreak to: "H1N1 Flu".