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We mainly have this website to publish the silly things that our children say and do - but maybe we'll have some interesting thoughts along the way.

End of Year 33

As I come to the dying minutes of my 33rd on this planet, I must confess I spent my free thinking time today wondering about how the year actually went.

The good news to report is that I think - in general - my time was well spent and enjoyable. There are a few things that could have gone better, I suppose, but who doesn't really?



My girl

She's my sunshine



She's my princess


Should a 12 year old get a cell phone for Christmas?


How to make Hallowe'en Chips Yummy

One of my biggest pet peeves with the chips they hand out at Hallowe'en is the fact that they are regular chips. Why can't they do all dressed or salt and vinegar? No one seems to have a good answer for that.

I'm a big salt and vinegar fan - real S&V, fake S&V, on fries, chips, popcorn, you name it, I'll put S&V on it.

So, I was thinking tonight, man, I really don't want to eat regular chips. Then I thought, I really wish these were S&V chips. Then I thought, well, I could add vinegar to them, I suppose.


RockBand: The Beatles Review

When I heard they were putting out a RockBand edition for the Beatles, I must admit I wasn't terribly excited. Afterall, the early rumours (that turned out to be true) were that it was a stand-alone game that could not be mixed and matched with other music from the game.  The one thing that RockBand had previously done better than the Guitar Hero franchise, in my opinion, was give you a very solid platform by which to play with the music - and then get lots of new music into that solid platform.


Can a simple video change your perspective?

Before you answer the question - watch the video on this website: Charity Water.

This video is about a great cause, they’ve been successful and they captured my imagination in their approach to solving a significant number of people's challenge to access clean water.

But that’s not what struck me the most about the video - What left me thinking is that Scott Harrison is the same age that I am.


The sticky question

If you haven't voted yet in my "would you let your children play with sticks" poll - do it!  Or read this and then do it!  Or don't.  I probably will never know.

When our boys were younger, we said nix to the sticks that are plentiful in our backyard.  The age gaps between the boys, and the impulsivity of a couple of them, made it too dangerous a hobby for them.


Do you or Would you allow your children to play with sticks?

Yes, kids will be kids and swinging sticks around is part of childhood
64% (14 votes)
No, it's unnecessary risk and I think my kids are cute with both eyes intact.
36% (8 votes)
Total votes: 22

Your online personal updates (or tweets) could make or break you in the real world

I recently went to a sales meeting - it was a referral to the client and we hadn't met before. After the brief introductions and exchange of business cards the client asked me if I was "the one with the blog?"

I was briefly confused - there are a few other David Billsons who have blogs in the world, There's even a musician in the UK who seems to be fairly popular. Luckily my facial expression must have relayed what I was thinking "Is he talking about my blog?" because he clarified and said - you have the personal website - you know, it said you had 6 kids?



Last night, Anna had the following conversation with me..

(happy voice) "Mommy, you have a lot of love.  (sad voice) I don't have very much love.  I only have one love" (holds one finger up)

(me) "Oh.  What is your one love?"

(cheery then glumy) "It's for pink and purple and blue.  But I used to have 5 loves (whole hand) in my tummy and now they are gone.  Thomas took them all away and now I just have one for pink and purple"