Welcome to Room 4 Eight

We mainly have this website to publish the silly things that our children say and do - but maybe we'll have some interesting thoughts along the way.

Why I am happy my kids are in Karate

I remember about 2 or 3 years ago I conducted a job interview with a young adult who was just out of college. Typically interviews with recent grads are awkward, nervous affairs. I believe most recent grads would rather face a firing squad then their first rounds of job interviews. However, this candidate was different. He was confident, made great eye contact, and simply exuded confidence.

We hired him even though the position that was open was for a more intermmediate developer.


Anna vs Charlie - Championship Match

Anna and Charlie put on their sibling's gear (which as you can see in the background they left strewn around the house). They basically got dressed themselves in the gear, we had to help out a little bit.

Which leads to the question - who says little dragons can't spar? Anna looks like she has a solid backhand.


I am not a normal parent: Here's how I react to someone forgetting a lunch bag.

My daughter forgot her lunch bag. Again.

So rather than lecture her or something like that, I decided to draw yet another, more elaborate comic.


Cool Idea: Billson Summer Photos

Kate had a cool idea for capturing our summer pictures in a slightly

Charlie's new trick


The Terrible Twos

Friends of mine are celebrating their two year old's birthday today. I posted a comment saying "Welcome to the Terrible Twos!"

And then I thought about it for a bit and realized the terrible two's are not actually that bad if you take them into context.


Charlie Sings We Will Rock You

Listen for the "Boom Boom Cha!" at the end of him singing the first line.


Comments Upgrade


I have upgraded the comments area. Hopefully it's easier to use. Note you can use the "Facebook" connect if you're logged into facebook so that you don't have to create a DISQUS account specifically to post.


Charlie and the Moon

Children can give you a lot of headaches.


Why cell phone video cameras are cool

So you've seen the advantages of cell phone cameras for things like police/taser incidents ("Don't taze me bro!"), but I was able to take advantage of having an instant cell camera nearby recently.

My son was wandering around singing twinkle twinkle little star, and I thought "Man, I wish I had a camera handy to record this..." and of course a split second later I realized that I did - right there on my hip.