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The sticky question

If you haven't voted yet in my "would you let your children play with sticks" poll - do it!  Or read this and then do it!  Or don't.  I probably will never know.

When our boys were younger, we said nix to the sticks that are plentiful in our backyard.  The age gaps between the boys, and the impulsivity of a couple of them, made it too dangerous a hobby for them.



Last night, Anna had the following conversation with me..

(happy voice) "Mommy, you have a lot of love.  (sad voice) I don't have very much love.  I only have one love" (holds one finger up)

(me) "Oh.  What is your one love?"

(cheery then glumy) "It's for pink and purple and blue.  But I used to have 5 loves (whole hand) in my tummy and now they are gone.  Thomas took them all away and now I just have one for pink and purple"



The Grocery Scam

Tonight I was taking a quick tour through the grocery store, and I was reminded of a pet peeve that seems to be more and more prevelant.

Grocery items that charge MORE for bulk.


Ima Bad Blogger

I have been chastized for my poor blogging.  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!

What can I say, it gets busy around here :)

This summer has been a tad frustrating.  The weather has been a little cool, kids have been sick, and stress levels are high.  On the other hand, there has been no end to activities for the kids to do and somehow my house is staying clean (mostly)...


On Travelling

This weekend David and I travelled to Toronto with Anna and Charlie.  I thought it would be fun to use up a via rail voucher by booking train tickets and chose the most fun destination we could reach inexpensively with this voucher: the city that is only 2 hours away from us.

It wasn't all "me" doing this choosing and booking, my attempts at input from the other half were met with the predictable "that sounds good".  "okay". 

"Do you want to stay at this hotel?"

"Does it have a pool?"





With turn off the screens week coming up next week I decided I would post about TV.


A Good Start

If this is the new home to my blog, I once again need to face the task of starting.  Where to start?