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My first Web Comic on Swine Flu

OK - so I've done a web comic to express my feelings on the current swine flu panic going around. The first thing I recalled thinking is - I've heard this before? I recognize the differences between the two strains. I also appreciate the irony if North America gets wiped out by "Swine Flu" - revenge of the pigs.

PS - No I don't think you have to worry about my attempts at web comics becoming a trend.

Swine Flu Comic


Parenting Tool: Repeat-a-Tron 3000

On the car ride in to work I designed the perfect parenting device, the Repeat-a-Tron 3000.

The concept is simple - an audio recording device with external speaker and a shoe-lace. 

You tie the Repeat-a-Tron to the chlid and then speak a command into the Repeat-a-Tron. The device then repeats what you said every 1 minute until the parent enters a key which disables the repetition - and then the device will be available to accept a new command.


Childhood Dreams 2: Become a Jedi

In my last post - Childhood Dreams - I discussed an overview of my Childhood Dreams, and why I thought it was important to consider them. I ended up with some interesting comments from my cousin who, like me, shared the dream of becoming a parent. I would say we're both successful in that regard (she has 4 children of her own)!


Childhood Dreams

I recently watched - well, listened to at work (it's over an hour long) the seminar/lecture Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. In many ways, the reason that this website exists in its current format is a direct result of watching this lecture.


We are testing a little bit now

I am curious as to how this will work....