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How to make Hallowe'en Chips Yummy

One of my biggest pet peeves with the chips they hand out at Hallowe'en is the fact that they are regular chips. Why can't they do all dressed or salt and vinegar? No one seems to have a good answer for that.

I'm a big salt and vinegar fan - real S&V, fake S&V, on fries, chips, popcorn, you name it, I'll put S&V on it.

So, I was thinking tonight, man, I really don't want to eat regular chips. Then I thought, I really wish these were S&V chips. Then I thought, well, I could add vinegar to them, I suppose.


RockBand: The Beatles Review

When I heard they were putting out a RockBand edition for the Beatles, I must admit I wasn't terribly excited. Afterall, the early rumours (that turned out to be true) were that it was a stand-alone game that could not be mixed and matched with other music from the game.  The one thing that RockBand had previously done better than the Guitar Hero franchise, in my opinion, was give you a very solid platform by which to play with the music - and then get lots of new music into that solid platform.


Can a simple video change your perspective?

Before you answer the question - watch the video on this website: Charity Water.

This video is about a great cause, they’ve been successful and they captured my imagination in their approach to solving a significant number of people's challenge to access clean water.

But that’s not what struck me the most about the video - What left me thinking is that Scott Harrison is the same age that I am.


Your online personal updates (or tweets) could make or break you in the real world

I recently went to a sales meeting - it was a referral to the client and we hadn't met before. After the brief introductions and exchange of business cards the client asked me if I was "the one with the blog?"

I was briefly confused - there are a few other David Billsons who have blogs in the world, There's even a musician in the UK who seems to be fairly popular. Luckily my facial expression must have relayed what I was thinking "Is he talking about my blog?" because he clarified and said - you have the personal website - you know, it said you had 6 kids?


Childhood Dreams: Become a Dad

As Father's Day approaches, I thought it might be appropriate to tackle one of my favourite childhood dreams - continued from my earlier post on the subject of childhood dreams

From the earliest days I can remember, one of the things I wanted most to be when I grew up was a father. I've always enjoyed children - and there were always lots of cousins for me growing up - so I had lots of really positive experiences with the younger crowd.


At least buy me a drink first!

A new neighbour moved in down the row from our house. During the unpacking, I went to go welcome the family to the neighbourhood. I met the father/grandfather of the house - a nice older fellow, probably 65-70.

He proceeded to tell me in a 15 minute conversation:


Things I learned about Camping

Here are some things I learned about camping:


Thank you Gene - and not just for Star Trek

Imagine you’re watching a new TV show. It’s about a vessel of sorts, traveling through space on previously untold adventure. Imagine the bridge crew, corn-fed Iowa home-town hero for a Captain, and a mixture of people from different entho-cultural backgrounds. There’s an African American communications officer, an Asian helmsman, a Russian navigator, and an alien first officer.

No big deal – right?

Now imagine it’s 1966.



On Wednesday on my way to work I was shocked to see that the Junior Achievement's sign had been spray-painted - I'm not sure if it's a word or "gang" symbol, but either way it was clearly meant to deface the sign.

Graffiti has been one of those things I have never been able to understand even going through the rebellious days of teenager-dom.


The child becomes the parent: Chrysler, GM

In recent news the UAW will own substantial amounts of both Chrysler and GM; what's not owned by the UAW will be owned by various governments and creditors by the look of it. Hearing the story reminds me vaguely of the cycle between child to parent to child again. As we rear our children and we age we become weaker and eventually our children may have to take care of us.