The Terrible Twos

Friends of mine are celebrating their two year old's birthday today. I posted a comment saying "Welcome to the Terrible Twos!"

And then I thought about it for a bit and realized the terrible two's are not actually that bad if you take them into context. Your baby boy or girl who has spent the first 2 years of life being an extension of their parents - they eat what the parents give them, move where the parents put them, think what the parents tell them "Oh look Charlie, isn't it so cute?"

Somewhere around 2 that light bulb goes off that says: Hey, wait. I can move where I want, I can think what I want, I can DO what I want. Much of the ensuing terrible twos result from the clash of what society [ read: parents ] expects from the new found two year old's desire to be master of his or her own domain.

In fact, it's a wonderful age of self discovery, learning, and battles of will to be sure - but treated with the right attitude it can be a very cool time for kids and parents a like.

As near as near as I can figure the fearsome fours are about the child coming to grips with the fact that their actions can have negative consequences - a fact that nobody really likes to be fair - so they spend the entire year WHINING about that - but that's a story for another time.

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