Lessons learned for politicians Jimmy McMillan


Many people will make fun of Jimmy's campaign in the next few months. Lots of laughter and "wow this guy is crazy." I can't wait for AutoTune the News to do something with it. However, in the elevator this morning I was thinking: You know, I get Jimmy's campaign.

I know he thinks the rent is too damn high. I know he thinks that the rent being too high impacts the social living standards of people in his district. I know that he believes businesses could hire more people if they didn't pay so much for rent (word, Jimmy, word).

Clean, simple, understandable.

Contract this to "Vote for a change!" or "Your City / My City / Our City" - I don't get it. Stability. Accountability. "I won't raise taxes" (You have to raise taxes, it's called inflation. Look it up). The current slate of political candidates seem to speak political mumbo-jumbo rather than a clear, articulated vision.

I think it's the best political campaign I have ever heard as I fully understand what he is about, what his mission is, and where his accountability lays. Perhaps the fact that he is so articulate and definitive in a political realm is why people will think he's crazy?

Or it could be the "As a karate master I won't speak about anyone badly here" line.

I'm on the fence.



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