Fun with Lunch Bags, Part 3.


So, my daughter forgot her re-usable, environmentally friendly lunch bag at school again. I once again used art to remind her of the environmental impact of her carelessness. Unlike last time ( where I had a story and narrative, I went back to my roots as simple art that conveys a complex message.

On the first half of the bag, I show the planet earth vomiting in rage. I don't bother to define the rage, as I believe that the viewer of the art should supplant their own feelings and engage with the art itself, so I don't go out of my way to explain the piece.

Then I realized people may only see one side of the bag, so I decided to put another message on the opposite side; in this case it is a tree crying blood. Yes, I know trees have sap, not blood, and if a tree could cry it'd probably cry sap, or something, but it's art people. Deal. 

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