About the Billson Clan

We don't always wear the crazy hats.

The Billsons At Christmas

The head of our household is the pink shirted finger biter, otherwise known as Anna. I'm sure that impish grin gave that away already. 

Thomas, sporting missing teeth and spiderman, is the child most likely to burn our house down.  He's also a very sweet and intuitive creature who will help out others without being asked. 

His same-aged stepbrother, Cole, is the petit prof.  Cole (orange shirt) can often be quoted saying something outrageous and insightful.  He is easy to please and lives life by his heart. 

Arthur, the oldest boy, will probably teach our other children how to blow the house up (if Thomas doesn't set fire to it first).  He devours information and continues to teach his parents new things.  With his brilliance comes a tendency to be extremely hyperactive, which makes "Stitch" a perfect name for his personality.  He is small in size but has big presence. 

Arthur's overseer, Haley, is second in command to Anna.  She is the fearless leader of the children, their coming resistance will be impeccably organized through her excellent leadership skills and knack for fairness and equality.  In the meantime, she is a delightful (YES, I am using that word to describe a preadolescent girl) fun kid.  Her aid occassionally allows us the opportunity to sleep in in the morning, and that is why she will get the biggest cut of the inheritance. 

To round out our six pack, there is Charlie.  So far his personality is loud and exhuberant.  He is quick to laugh and loves people.  If he starts sleeping through the night before his first birthday, we will let the warranty expire and keep him on.

The parental units, David and Kate, thoroughly enjoy driving their children crazy by speaking in code.  Confusing your older children to the point of frustration is what balances being woken up at 6a.m. on a Saturday, the countless episodes of cleaning up vomit from bedsheets at 3a.m., and suffering through carrides with half a dozen children everyday.  There are other perks for Kate - like being able to instigate a "get daddy" war and then watching her husband collapsed on the floor with 300lbs of children body parts tackling him.  This is our 6th year in this blended family, and we tolerate the chaos by dreaming of sandy beaches and deluding ourselves about the cost of university educations.