At least buy me a drink first!

A new neighbour moved in down the row from our house. During the unpacking, I went to go welcome the family to the neighbourhood. I met the father/grandfather of the house - a nice older fellow, probably 65-70.

He proceeded to tell me in a 15 minute conversation:


Things I learned about Camping

Here are some things I learned about camping:


Thank you Gene - and not just for Star Trek

Imagine you’re watching a new TV show. It’s about a vessel of sorts, traveling through space on previously untold adventure. Imagine the bridge crew, corn-fed Iowa home-town hero for a Captain, and a mixture of people from different entho-cultural backgrounds. There’s an African American communications officer, an Asian helmsman, a Russian navigator, and an alien first officer.

No big deal – right?

Now imagine it’s 1966.



On Wednesday on my way to work I was shocked to see that the Junior Achievement's sign had been spray-painted - I'm not sure if it's a word or "gang" symbol, but either way it was clearly meant to deface the sign.

Graffiti has been one of those things I have never been able to understand even going through the rebellious days of teenager-dom.


The child becomes the parent: Chrysler, GM

In recent news the UAW will own substantial amounts of both Chrysler and GM; what's not owned by the UAW will be owned by various governments and creditors by the look of it. Hearing the story reminds me vaguely of the cycle between child to parent to child again. As we rear our children and we age we become weaker and eventually our children may have to take care of us.


My first Web Comic on Swine Flu

OK - so I've done a web comic to express my feelings on the current swine flu panic going around. The first thing I recalled thinking is - I've heard this before? I recognize the differences between the two strains. I also appreciate the irony if North America gets wiped out by "Swine Flu" - revenge of the pigs.

PS - No I don't think you have to worry about my attempts at web comics becoming a trend.

Swine Flu Comic


On Travelling

This weekend David and I travelled to Toronto with Anna and Charlie.  I thought it would be fun to use up a via rail voucher by booking train tickets and chose the most fun destination we could reach inexpensively with this voucher: the city that is only 2 hours away from us.

It wasn't all "me" doing this choosing and booking, my attempts at input from the other half were met with the predictable "that sounds good".  "okay". 

"Do you want to stay at this hotel?"

"Does it have a pool?"




Parenting Tool: Repeat-a-Tron 3000

On the car ride in to work I designed the perfect parenting device, the Repeat-a-Tron 3000.

The concept is simple - an audio recording device with external speaker and a shoe-lace. 

You tie the Repeat-a-Tron to the chlid and then speak a command into the Repeat-a-Tron. The device then repeats what you said every 1 minute until the parent enters a key which disables the repetition - and then the device will be available to accept a new command.


Childhood Dreams 2: Become a Jedi

In my last post - Childhood Dreams - I discussed an overview of my Childhood Dreams, and why I thought it was important to consider them. I ended up with some interesting comments from my cousin who, like me, shared the dream of becoming a parent. I would say we're both successful in that regard (she has 4 children of her own)!



With turn off the screens week coming up next week I decided I would post about TV.